Sudetenstraße 51, D-82538 Geretsried, Tel.: +49 (0) 8171 8876

Premium Quality

Premium quality is our standard. ALBROMET HSC bronzes are technology leaders. Precision mechanical components and tools are of high end standard.


Top customer service

Customer orientation, speed, flexibility and reliability are the most outstanding rewards of a partnership with ALBROMET.


Mechanical engineering

ALBROMET delivers sliding applications, clamp dies and moving parts for engineered machines as well as guiding parts as raw and machined parts in all industrial sectors.


Metal trading

Today ALBROMET is Germany’s and Europe's leading provider of non-standard Aluminum bronzes and Copper alloys. We offer a wide range of high end material of the world’s best manufacturers.


Plastic engineering

ALBROMET high-conductivity copper is used in mold injection and blowing molds. With ALBROMET W-200 and W-164, two high-performance beryllium-free alloys are on offer.


Bending tools

ALBROMET is a leading supplier of raw materials and machined bending tools for metal tubes.


to our homepage. ALBROMET was founded in 1994 and is the most innovative supplier of aluminium bronze, copper alloys and in CNC machining of these materials. The manufacture and design of tube bending tools, in particular of inserted system mandrels and wiper dies, are constantly evolving in-house.

Our strategy mainly focuses on individual customer care, flexibility, quality and highest usefulness of our products. For our aluminium bronzes and copper alloys, as well as for beryllium copper (C17200), we collaborate with the leading foundry and forging companies in Europe and USA. Innovative tube bending tools are manufactured to the highest level. ALBROMET’s core technology is tube bending for raw materials, bending mandrels and wiper dies.

ALBROMET stands for high ethical standards and a partner-based cooperation with employees, suppliers and customers following the motto:

“Metal connects"



Sudetenstr. 51
82538 Geretsried
Tel: +49 (0) 8171 8876
Fax: +49 (0) 8171 31705


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